Asheville Massage Therapy Services

All treatments include fresh hot towels and an essential oil blend of your choice.

Swedish Massage:

A gentle and flowing massage perfect for relaxation, increases circulation and eases pain.  Perfect for those preferring lighter pressure.

30 min $40      60 min $65      90 min $85

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Integrative Massage Therapy:

Deeply therapeutic massage integrating different modalities such as deep tissue, Lomi Lomi, trigger point therapy and neuromuscular therapies.  Custom tailored to fit your needs.

30 min $45      60 min $75      90 min $95

Hot Stone Massage:

The heat and weight of these smooth stones will melt away any tensions you may have as well as knead and relax the muscles.

60 min $85      90 min $105

Prenatal Massage:

This nurturing massage supports the mother to be and eases the discomforts that can accompany pregnancy.

30 min $45      60 min $75      90 min $95

Medi Cupping Therapy:

This ancient practice uses glass cups on the skin to create a vacuum therapy to lift and separate muscle tissue, as well as hydrate the skin. Extremely effective to move stagnation, cleanse the lymph system and remove inflammation from the body. Very good for scar tissue, pain, restricted movement as well as most chronic diseases.

15 min $25      30 min $40


A foot treatment that works specific pressure points that correspond to the organs and systems of the body restoring balance and relaxation.

30 min $40

Scrub and Glow Body Treatment:

A body scrub with luxurious sugars and salts to exfoliate and soften the skin. Followed with hot towels and a blissful massage.

60 min $90

Massage Therapy Add ons:

Dry skin body brush with foot pumice


Hot oil hair treatment and scalp massage


Foot Reflexology:

12 min $20